Dr Andrew Mayers

Sleep research

This page examines current and completed research that I have been involved with, focusing on sleep. My research team and I always looking at ideas for work, so we would like to hear from potential collaborators.

Current work

I have been working with a consortium of researchers from University of Southampton, University of Bristol, and Imperial College on Cochrane Database project, exploring the extent that antidepressants are used to treat insomnia. The findings are now on the point of publication but, for now, check out the protocol.

Completed (and published) work

Sleep satisfaction in depression

This research comprises several published studies that were part of my PhD. The focus is the extent to which poor sleep is related to mental health problems, especially depression. Click here to find out more

Postnatal sleep - a pilot study

Given the relationship between poor sleep and depression, it makes sense that this may also have an impact for new mothers. Many new mums experience reduced sleep, but how does that influence mood? In this longitudinal study we explored that relationship, in what was a pilot study for a larger piece of work that became a PhD project. Click here to find out more

Is poor sleep a risk factor for postnatal depression?

Following on from that pilot study. my former PhD student (Dr Lauren Kita) explored the extent that poor sleep may be a risk factor for postnatal depression. It may seem obvious that sleep is compromised in pregnancy, and after the baby is born. However, what if that sleep is poorer even accounting for that? What does that mean for the mother's mood? Click here to find out more

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