Dr Andrew Mayers

Children's sleep resources

You can access a wide range of resources from this page, including sleep diaries, sticker reward charts, relaxing CDs and mp3 files, and much more.

Sticker reward chart

Sticker reward charts are a great way to praise a child for good sleep behaviours (and all children love praise). Through praise, we can 'reinforce' the behaviours that we want to see. In doing so, those desired behaviours are more likely to be repeated. Children are motivated to collect stickers, especially if there is an additional 'prize' for collecting several stickers. They really do work! These excellent sleep charts that featured prominently in our BBC Breakfast feature on Children's sleep (see Media link on Home Page). They were produced by our partners at the Victoria Chart Company.

iPhone app for infant sleep

My colleague Deb Sugden at Savvy Tot Sleep and iBaby Sleep Teacher, has developed a new iPhone app that you use to help with infant sleep. It designed to gradually ease baby from needing parents physical presence to verbal reassurance during night waking at age appropriate times. It guides parents to prolong night sleep whilst giving baby/child the calming reassurance of the parent voice. Find out more by clicking in the link to the right.

 can be used alongside sticker reward charts, or independently. They are a really good way to measure how well your child is sleeping, and evaluate progress when making changes. You can also use dairies to show to your sleep specialist, so they can advise you more efficiently. There are many diaries available, but choose one that thoroughly captures several aspects of bedtime, sleeping, and waketime. You can download this example, produced by the National Sleep Foundation (USA), by clicking on the picture to the right.

Other resources

You might find these resources from Sleepopolis useful. There are some very good deifinitions of children's sleep problems, along with advice, treatment suggestions, and tool kits (such as sleep diaries)

Another good resource from Tuck provides some great tips for children of all ages - from infant to teenager! The site includes some very information, statistics as well as guides to promoting the very best sleep for children and young people.