Dr Andrew Mayers

Inspirational mental health bloggers

In this modern age, a great way to raise awareness about mental health is through the use of blogs, written by inspirational people with powerful lived-experience stories. Some of my favourite mental health bloggers (and dear friends) are featured here.

Charlotte Walker (Bipolar Blogger): Purple Persuasion

Charlotte is among the UK's top mental health bloggers, and has been recognised as such with a number of prestigious awards. Often challenging, and always honest, Charlotte writes about a number of issues from the perspective of service user and highly respected peer-supporter. I had the pleasure of meeting Charlotte during the World Mental Health Day 2014 events. You can read Charlotte's blogs here and you can follow her on Twitter via @BipolarBlogger

Eve Canavan: Smalltimemum1

Eve's frank account, following her experience of acute postpartum psychosis has a unique slant of humour and passion. Her stories frequently reflect on the challenges and obstacles that life can throw at us. Now one of our leading campaigners for improving perinatal mental health services, Eve's blogs are always topical and never dull. You can read Eve's blogs here and you can follow her on Twitter via @littlemissevec

Rosey Wren: PNDandMe

Rosey's blogs draw on several years' experience of postnatal depression. From that, Rosey has created a powerful resource (#PNDChat) that aims to support mums and families encountering similar challenges. Based in Scotland, she reaches people all over the UK and beyond. In addition to her inspiring blog, Rosey has created #PNDHour, a popular and highly supportive Twitter chat forum (running every Wednesday, 8-9pm). Rosey's peer support services are reinforced through her accredited mental health training. You can read Rosey's blogs here and you can follow her on Twitter via @PNDandMe

Kathryn Grant: Bumps and Grind

Kathryn's harrowing account of her rapid descent into postpartum psychosis illustrates the gravity of serious perinatal mental illness. At the same time, her entertaining account of her road to recovery - and hopes for the future - provide inspiration to others. Knowing that it can get better is a powerful message. Kathryn is also one of most cherished campaigners for better maternal mental health services. You can read Kathryn's blogs here and you can follow her on Twitter via @katgrant30

Elaine Hanzak Blog

Elaine's experience of postpartum psychosis has driven her to become one of the UK's most motivational speakers on perinatal mental health. Her blogs capture some of the key issues of the day. I met with Elaine on several occasions on the campaign trail, and she is always inspiring. In 2005, Elaine published a  courageous, moving and stimulating book "Eyes Without Sparkle: a journey through postnatal illness". This was revisited with Elaine's second book "Another Twinkle in the Eye: Contemplating Another Pregnancy After Perinatal Mental Illness". You can read Elaine's blogs here and you can follow her on Twitter via @elainehanzak