Dr Andrew Mayers

Get professional help

Although this site provides a lot of information and guidance, ultimately you should seek professional help to address ongoing children's sleep problems (whether that is through the NHS or privately). However, there are very few sources that tell where you can get that help! We aim to resolve that. In time, we plan to have a facility here, where you will be able to enter your postcode to get information about services local to you.

My collaborators

I am very fortunate to be associated with a wide range of experts, with whom I am collaborating. We are working together to build this resource, so do have a look at some their work by access the information shown below.

The Children's Sleep Charity

This excellent group of dedicated experts run highly successful children's sleep workshops across the country. They also provide information and support services. Their 'sleep fairies' have changed the lives of many families.

Carly Painter, Sunrise Nanny Agency

Carly is a qualified and experienced childcare professional, who runs a highly successful local nanny agency, and is a certified children’s sleep coach. Through her business, Carly offers advice and intervention for a range of children’s sleep problems

Savvy Tot Sleep

This group, based in Exeter, provide support for infant and toddler sleep problems, including clinics, advice, and materials. One of their experts, Deb Sugden, has developed an iPhone app to help parents soothe infants to sleep (see Children's Sleep - Resources page).

Sue Atkins

My good friend and colleague is an expert in positive parenting. She is frequently featured on national radio and television, and has written a number of books that guide parents. Through her inspirational 'One Page Profiles', Sue achieved great success building up positive family relationships and nurturing children's self esteem.