Dr Andrew Mayers

An interactive event to guide you to help your child sleep better                                       #BUFest14

The experts:

Dr Andrew Mayers 

Psychologist and senior lecturer at Bournemouth University. More than 15 years’ experience of working with sleep problems, especially how they relate to depression. Has worked extensively with children's sleep, as seen on BBC Breakfast and ITV Daybreak, along with several national radio appearances

Carly Painter 

Qualified and experienced childcare professional, who runs a highly successful local nanny agency, and is a certified children’s sleep coach. Through her business, Carly offers advice and intervention for a range of children’s sleep problems

Web: http://www.sunrisenannyagency.com/          Twitter: @SunriseNanny

E-mail: carly.painter@sunrisenannyagency.com

Presentation slides and materials:

Children's sleep - basics

Children's sleep - problems

Children's sleep - behaviourism

Carly's sleep consultancy

What next?

Throughout the workshop, we discussed how we need to influence change in order to put children's sleep as a greater priority in society. Change is unlikely unless we make enough noise about the need for change, and tell people what we think needs to happen. Here are a few ideas that we discussed.

1. More children's sleep workshops: These cost money to run, so we need to put pressure on local health and education commissioners to properly fund professional workshops.

2. Training practitioners: We need to educate and train key personnel (such as health visitors, social workers, GPs, teachers, school nurses and playgroup leaders), raising awareness about the importance of sleep, the consequences of poor sleep, and strategies for improving sleep. These courses also cost money, so we need to look at ways that they are funded (either through local health and eduction budgets, or by seeking charitable grant funding).

3. Sleep support services in schools: Every school should have access to qualified sleep professionals.

How can you help?

Tell us what you think needs to be done, and give us some ideas about how we can do that. Please contact me - either by e-mail or Twitter.


Dr Andrew Mayers